A Beginners Guide to Email Signatures

Most email services (Gmail, Outlook/Hotmail, Yahoo! & iCloud) allow you to create personalized email signature to be automatically included at the end of each of your emails via their settings tabs. In the rest of this blog post, I'll show you where you can locate in your settings, email signature options for Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo! and iCloud.

Why You Might Use One

Creating a pre-made signature is just another time management strategy you might adopt to make your online life a little bit easier. It's really just a simple short-cut giving you the option of appearing more professional through your email correspondence.

How to Set Them Up


1: Log into your Gmail Account
2: Look to the top right corner of your Inbox - Locate and Click the 'Settings' Tab:

3: Click on your 'Settings' tab, locate and select 'Settings'

4: Scroll down until you find the 'Signature' Section
5: Fill in your Signature

6: Add Links

6: When you're done, keep scrolling to the bottom of your screen, find and click 'Save' & your done :)

Using Outlook / Microsoft

1: Login to your Outlook/Live or Hotmail account
2: Once logged in, find and click on the settings tab - upper right corner of your screen

3: Select 'Options' from the dropdown menu

4: Locate and Click on 'Formatting, font and signatures'

5: Fill in your signature, click 'Save' & you're all set

From Yahoo!

1: Log into your Yahoo! Account
2: From your Email Inbox Homescreen, locate and click on your 'Settings' tab in the upper right corner of your screen, it looks like:

3: Locate and click on 'Settings'

4: On the next screen select 'Writing Email' (#1 in the image below) from the left hand column of your screen, to fill in and save your email signature:

Setup Your Signature on iCloud

1: Login to your iCloud Account
2: From Your Home Screen, select the 'Mail' option

3: When the next screen appears, scan to the lower left-hand corner of your screen to locate and click on the settings tab, which once again looks like:

4: Select 'Preferences' from the dropup menu which appears

5: Select 'Composing' 

6: Fill in your Signature and Click 'Done' - You're all set :)

A Quick Takeaway

Whether you're using Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo!, or Icloud as your email client, you can setup your own signature directly through these email services. To locate your signature editing options in any of these services, you just need to locate the settings icon, which looks like a little cog, and is usually located in the upper right hand corner of your screen except for in iCloud where it's in the lower left hand corner

More Info:

A really great email signature web service is at: which embeds directly into Outlook, Gmail & Yahoo (Not iCloud as of the date of this post). Try their about page at:

You can also try this article: '101 Email Signature Formatting Do's and Don'ts' - from located at: for some helpful formatting tips.


*Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with any of the services, businesses or websites mentioned in this blog post, which is designed for educational purposes. Thank you :)