Step 1 of 9 - How to increase Google+ Followers

One thing I hear frequently from people is that they don't understand some of the basics of working with Google Plus because they either a) Think nobody is on it, or b) May not know how to use it to get followers.

Step 1: Share Engaging Content
You may hear this all the time, I know I have. And I'm always left thinking: "Okay great. But what exactly is engaging content"? It essentially just means that you should try to share content (create posts) that are either so good, funny, interesting, or helpful that it would inspire anyone who looks at your content to either click the +1 button, Comment on your post, or re-share your post. That's it.

Pinpoint your sharing

I have found out the hard way that it's not enough to just throw information everywhere on the web. You want to target that information specifically so that the people who are going to be looking at it, have the highest possible chance of engaging with that content.

Google+ Communities

Communities are a great way to let Google+ help you compartmentalize your audience, which helps you share relevant content to specific subsets of your followers most likely to engage with your posts. For example, if I belong to a 'Astronomy' related Google+ community, an article regarding space exploration increases the likelihood that someone in that community will relate to and engage with your post.

An online resource that I have found helpful in regard to social media related articles and trends is located online at:

I hope this first step was a helpful beginning for attaining a greater following on this growing social network - And that whoever is reading this is having a great day!

*Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with any of the companies mentioned in this post, which is intended for educational purposes. Thank you :)