Schedule Your Social Media Posts: A Guide to Online Post-Planners

Posting content to social media is time consuming, and surprisingly effort intensive when done on a regular basis. The rest of this post will discuss some time management options in regard to scheduling pre-designed social media posts through a few different post scheduling services.

What They Do:

Post-planners are used mainly so that people can pre-schedule their social media posts for an entire day, week, month - all in one sitting. Kind of a 'set-it, and forget-it' option for your social media posting strategy.

Scheduling Options Mentioned in this Post:

  1. Buffer
  2. Hootsuite
  3. Socialoomph
  4. Pagemodo
  6. For Pinterest: Tailwind
  7. For Instagram: Latergram

Buffer & Hootsuite

Needless to say there's a lot of options out there in regard to post planning tools. I thought I would try to write this post which advocates time management techniques, with time management in mind so...if you're looking for 2 sites that will post to a variety of social networks, you might try either:

You'll notice that if you search around in these sites, that they are set-up a bit differently. I have found Buffer to be more user-friendly and Hootsuite to be a bit more all-encompassing. I have heard positive feedback regarding both sites, though I find Buffer to be easier to navigate through.

Without a subscription, both Buffer & Hootsuite still let you connect and share to one of each: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Google Plus Business Pages (and additional social platforms which vary between the two sties).

More Scheduling Options

Socialoomph & Pagemodo

  • Socialoomph: I have used this site mainly for sharing, scheduling and analyzing my Twitter account, though I believe they have added additional sharing features. The array of specifically Twitter related features available on is impressive to say the least. If you are looking for options, I would suggest giving them a quick look. For more info on this site try their 'About Us' section here: - Or you might try this 2012 article from PC World at:  
  • Pagemodo: I have used Pagemodo primarily for its Facebook features and tools. They also let you connect and post to a variety of social media accounts as well. If you're looking for some custom Facebook design tools in addition to a post scheduling planner you might give Pagemodo a try. Try their 'About Us' page here: 

Sharing & Scheduling Your Blog Posts with

Just about all of your standard blogging sites like Blogger, Wordpress or Tumblr for example have their own post scheduling options as built-in features. However, if you wanted to try an outside service which connects, schedules, and shares your blog entries to an array of social media sites you might consider - which helps you to distribute your blog posts to any variety of social media sites.

For more information concerning this site, you might consider this article from: Practice eCommerce - found at: - which explains how to use in greater detail. The article is a bit older from (2012), but well put together.

Specialty Scheduling Tools

Scheduling Options for Instagram and Pinterest Respectively

For Pinterest scheduling try: Tailwind - found at:
  • As far as I know, the only way to schedule posts to your Pinterest account is through a website called Tailwind. If you're looking for cool Pinterest features, Pinterest analytics and/or Pinterest auto-posting, Tailwind is your best bet, really easy to use and dare I!
For Instagram scheduling try: Latergram - found at:
  • Like Tailwind with Pinterest, Latergram helps you schedule posts to your Instagram account, along with some other cool features.


There are indeed quite a few options out there. Of all the sites listed above, I would probably recommend for its ease of use, versatility, and available features.

Tailwind and Latergram offer some cool scheduling features but those features are unique to Pinterest and Instagram respectively.

I hope this blog article was helpful and that it helped give you some ideas for online tools, which can help you time-hack your way to a happier schedule.


*Disclaimer: I am not associated with any of the Websites or companies listed in this blog post, which is intended for educational purposes.