Saving Web Pages for Later - Instapaper & Other Online Link Warehouses

This blog post takes a look at online link storage websites, who they are, what they do and how to use one of them specifically (Instapaper).

Have you ever been looking for something online and inadvertently come across a website by accident that has absolutely nothing to do with your current task, but would be great for later? Websites like Instapaper exist solely for the purpose of letting you save those web pages to an online warehouse, which you can return to later so that you can continue with your current task. In my own experiences exploring the many link storage websites out there (find a small list at the bottom of this blog post) - I found that was the most user friendly, works with a huge variety of other websites, has no storage limits and easily shares to just about anywhere.

Essentially it lets you hand pick the best websites you come across and save them to one place. It's a useful way to ensure that you always have relevant and engaging content to share.

How do you save links or other content to your Instapaper?

Instapaper works with lots of applications (140 iPhone, iPad & Android apps) which makes it a very useful and versatile storage tool that works with most major websites.

To Add Instapaper to your Chrome Browser

From Your 'Chrome' Browser (Click Here to Download Chrome), Instapaper makes it quite easy. They have a Chrome Extension you can upload from the Chrome Store, or you can simply drag and drop their 'Read Later' button to your browser tab from this page:

Once your 'Read Later' button is installed in your browser tab, you can just click that 'Read Later' button at any time to save the web page you're currently viewing.

Add to Instapaper via Email: When you sign up for an Instapaper account, they give you a personalized email address. You can then send or Forward emails to your Instapaper address, where they will show up in your feed to read later.
*Note: I'm not certain how well email attachments transfer to Instapaper, though I know you can easily create an IFTTT Recipe to mitigate this or just about any other issue imaginable. For more on the IFTTT website try their about page, here

Versatility & Compatibility:
One of the best things about Instapaper is that it works with a large variety of common Websites I use everyday. One site that works particularly well with Instapaper is Feedly, a great RSS organizer, though there are many others. Once Instapaper is set up as a Favorite or Bookmark on your iPhone or iPad you can save any site you're on directly from Safari, even tweets and articles attached to them.

Who Might Find it Helpful?
Anyone who does a lot of web surfing. Both as a hobby and professionally I'm in a constant search for interesting content, but as many Internet marketers have experienced, each social platform has different audiences and those audiences (followers) should be expecting a certain type of story from your account - and in my case this expected content does not overlap. For example, cute kitten pictures might work great on your Facebook account, but look weird on your Twitter, where you might consistently share content marketing links, or maybe political links for example . Instapaper is a great way to save websites which you may want to come back to later, so that you don't have to lose that ridiculously cute kitten picture for Facebook that you just accidentally came across, just Instapaper the website and use it later :).

For more concise information you can also check out Instapaper's Blog on Tumblr, or sign-up for a free account on Instapaper right now at

Instapaper is not the only link storage website out there, though it's currently my favorite. Check out any of links directly below to experiment with other sites which may work better for your Internet needs and please don't hesitate to ask any questions if you get stuck anywhere, I'll help where I can. I hope this web post was useful and that you have a wonderful rest of your day!

Other Online Link Storage Sites:
Yahoo Bookmarks

Further Reading:

I would also recommend the blog: Digital Inspiration for a list of useful bookmark and websites for your iPhone/iPad - Found at this link:

*Disclaimer: I do not work for, nor am I affiliated with in any way, the company - or any other companies listed in this blog post - just a fan.