How to Turn Your LinkedIn Profile into a usable Resume

If anyone's ever performed a job search before, the first thing you usually need is a resume...but where to begin in this day and age right? Turns out there's good news for anyone with a LinkedIn account. LinkedIn has a resume builder, found at: which can help you set one up with just a few clicks.

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Something to remember with this tool, is that information is pulled directly from your LinkedIn the more filled out your profile is, the better your resume is going to look. It is worth taking a few minutes to refine your LinkedIn account profile first if you have the time.

Once you're happy with your Account Profile just head over to: and sign in. You will notice quite a few options they provide for you after you've selected your resume format including among others: 1) A public url where your online resume is located and can be accessed from anywhere, 2) a 'PDF' option lets you save the document elsewhere for printing or whatever else, 3) You can manage the share settings to send to social networks if you wanted, & 4) There are privacy settings you can enable per resume regarding the visibility of the document.

So if you've already taken the time to fill out a profile on LinkedIn, and find yourself needing a resume, this option might be a great time and stress saving tool. Hope it helps and have a great day!